Which MacBook should you buy?




1. MacBook Air
I will start with the smallest and the least powerful MacBook. If you plan on using it for browsing the web, video calls, listening to some music or playing a movie; this is the perfect notebook for your needs. Don’t get me wrong, you can still play an occasional game or two, for example StarCraft 2 is quite playable on Low settings, but MacBook Air just isn’t built for heavy gaming.
You can choose between two screen sizes – 11.6 inches and 13.3 inches. The prices are $999 and $1,199 for the base versions, respectively. Both versions are very thin and light so for most users I would suggest going for the 13 inch one, unless extreme portability is something you are searching for. 13-inch MacBook Air also has a slight advantage when it comes to processor speed. Both versions come with a flash storage instead of a hard drive, which means you will be able to open documents and applications almost instantly.

2. MacBook Pro
Here is where it gets tricky. For a number of years the 13-inch MacBook Pro has remained bestselling Mac, and one of the bestselling notebooks overall. But does it deserve the tittle? Well, yes and no. It is an impressive computer packed in a small package, but there are a few reasons why I would suggest buying a 13-inch MacBook Air instead of a Pro. With the Air model, you are much more portable for one, but also get a better screen resolution than on the Pro, despite the cheaper price. And now the storage – yes, with the Pro you get 500 GB hard drive on a base version, but today when most things are found on the Internet, you don’t need a lot of storage anyway, so going for the smaller but much faster flash storage is a better option. The only feature in which 13-inch MacBook Pro beats the Air is the processor speed; however, if you will not be using a lot of CPU-intensive applications this doesn’t matter much.
15-inch MacBook Pro is where things change. The reason is not only the bigger screen, but also a lot faster quad core processor as well as the dedicated graphics card. What this means is you can also play some games and use it for photo and video editing applications.

3. MacBook Pro with Retina display
And finally we have the newest member of the MacBook line. It has all the perks of a regular MacBook Pro, but the thing that sets him apart from other MacBook’s and other notebooks, for that matter, is a gorgeous Retina screen. It features an unmatched resolution of 2560×1600 on a 13-inch Mac and 2880×1800 on a 15-inch version. The screen is perfect for the professionals who need a lot of screen real estate, for example designers or architects. This being said, the Retina MacBook Pro prices are pretty steep, so unless you really need a screen of such quality we suggest that you stick with the regular Pro or Air for now.

I would love to hear your thoughts and experience with Mac Books. And for all computer repairs Melbourne and laptop repairs Melbourne please give me a call on 0412 392 253.

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