Remote Support

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For resolving small issues the Computerdoc Melbourne offers remote support service from the convenience of your own home. Remote support. This allows us to repair your computer without visiting your home . We can fix your computer no matter where you are in the world. How it works? We will connect to your computer via the internet, you can watch all the repairs take place on your own screen as we move about the desktop of your machine, and get it up and operating smoothly for you again.

Remote support is entirely safe and secure and you don’t have to worry about breaching your privacy. We use a 512 bit encryption process which is a secure system similar to that of your financial institution in order to guard against any unauthorised access to your data. You can oversee the work and terminate the connection at any time. The software that we use is designed to work on a single use basis, so you can be assured knowing that we will not have access to your computer after we have finished the repairs password protected.

For us to be able to access your computer all you need to have is a reasonable internet speed connection and a web browser.

Remote support includes but is not limited to:

  • Removal of bugs, viruses and spywares
  • Improving your computers running speed
  • Repair of Windows errors and bugs
  • Removal of unwanted pop-ups
  • Help setting up and configuring emails
  • Computer maintenance and updates
  • Solving some internet issues
  • Help installing programs
  • Program tutoring

Because there is no traveling time for the doctor we can waive the call out fee and focus on what matters most  fixing your computer fast. If you have any concerns or questions about remote support, please give us a call and I will be happy to answer your queries.Call 0412 392 253 right away or book online.