Cloud Computing and its role in business

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Cloud computing is getting very popular, because it is more flexible than the current IT practice. With this you can use different computer programs and various resources through the Internet. Though, people have been browsing the websites for a long time, this process has dramatically advanced and expanded through cloud computing. Now you can run any program through cloud, and you don’t have to keep huge computers in your office or home. All you have to do is to rent the computing power from its provider.

Cloud computing provides IT services to individuals and different organizations, allowing them to use resources as they want. This is faster, keeps the business updated with new technology, and the huge growth of the users cannot slow it down. As compared to the current IT practice, cloud computing causes less cost, making the best use of your

It provides the service through three ways, which are technically known as three layers. These include SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and these are all different in terms of IT and meeting the requirements of various users.

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)
It serves the basic users also known as the end-users, like in business these users are your employees. SaaS makes it possible for the office staff to use various business applications, including e-mails, spread sheets, word processing, management tools, accounting software’s and many other programs. They can use these programs through browsing from anywhere.

IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service)
This is a technical based service that serves the IT department, where the staff can take different services on rent, including computing power, and storage components. It is ideal for short-term demands, including projects like customer analysis. Besides, it can also
fulfill the seasonal demands of various businesses. It is also helpful in developing new programs and sometimes acts as a backup system in a disaster, saving the precious data. Small businesses can get a great benefit from IaaS, because they cannot afford their
own infrastructure; hence they use the data centre of a hosting service.

PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service)
PaaS also serves the technical staff, and it works through API (application program interface). It enables the developers to develop different applications and programs in a much faster way. An existing program library is provided through API; as a result it installs the program automatically.

How is it helpful in business?
Businesses can get a great benefit from it, because these three layers work independently. The buyer can get the required service, instead of buying the whole system. As it is faster, hence your business can grow gradually and at its own pace without wasting the capital, making it extremely cost- effective. It also provides fast network speed, and you can use various access methods like wireless or broadband.

All businesses large and small should make a comprehensive plan to use cloud computing, and take advantage of this advance system, so that they can grow their business in a flexible and cost-effective way.

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