How to choose the right tablet?

apple-ipad-tabletThe tablet is a portable, easy to use minicomputer, and there are many different types available on the market, which have made the purchasing choice challenging and often overwhelming for many users. To make the purchase less overwhelming it helps to consider certain specifications when choosing and buying a gadget like the tablet.

Consider the purpose
Consider what you want to do with your tablet, like if you want to use it as a mobile phone, you would need a tablet with a SIM enabled feature. If you want to use it as a computer for browsing and watching movies, then you need a tablet with good graphics. Also it is important to know whether you need it as an office aid or for general home use.
The experts suggest a high- tech device for office work, whereas for general
use any tablet can work well. If you know your requirements, you can narrow
down the choice, as it will help you select the most suitable tablet for you.

What applications and operating system do you need?
Comparing the apps and operating system is another important aspect. These days Android, iOS, and Windows are common operating systems. QNX is also used, but Android and Windows cover the major tablet market in terms of operating system.

If the user wants to do office tasks like documenting, spread sheets, creating word files, and editing, etc., then the best choice is the Windows tablet. Android Tablets are also extensively used, as android supports lots of apps. If you are planning to go for a specific OS,then check if it allows the special apps you want to use on your preferred OS.

Choose relevant features
To compare the features of different tablets, you need to know about the Wi-Fi and the 3G models if your intention is to use the Internet. After that, the storage capacity is considered, as the low storage value makes the functions limited. Therefore, 16GB, 32GB or 64 GB
will be the ideal choice. Other features include the cameras, screen size, battery life, processing speed and the external hardware that you can connect to the tablet like external keyboards, USBs, and the speakers, etc.

Compare the size and appearance
To many people the appearance and the size of the tablet also matters greatly. Large tablets are heavier than the small and delicate devices. Usually people are more inclined towards thin and light devices so that they can carry them easily. However, both size and appearance also depends on the features of the tablet. The fact is that, an attractive
device will be more expensive.

What is your price budget?
It varies depending on the features, and people prefer an affordable tablet having maximum features. However, such gadget is mostly expensive; hence the choice will become difficult. But, you can deal with this issue if you set a certain budget. After making the budget, you will have to select from the devices that comes within your range. Prices
are usually high in case of the devices offering multiple features, like Wi-Fi,
3G, and external hardware. So, if you know your requirements and the budget, it
will help you choose a tablet wisely.

I hope this helps you with out when you are next purchasing your tablet. Any questions please don’t hesitate to email me. And for all computer repairs Melbourne and laptop repairs Melbourne please give me a call on 0412 392 253.

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